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Inventor's Mindset

We can all agree that innovation in all fields of life changes and shapes the world as we see it. Innovation can be seen as a measure of progress. Progress that has profoundly made an impact in our lives and those of our family. Stereotypically those that were defined as innovative were engineers, scientist, those good in math, and with no life that make a lot of money. We all know now that’s not completely true except the make a lot of money part. :) Innovation is really about transforming the way we think as individuals by always seeking answers to problems and being able to do something about it.

Our youth needs access to resources and community that is focused on developing innovating thinking within themselves. Innovative thinking has to be practiced just like sports, dance, and music. Our children must learn to create and build as they would learn how to play baseball or perform ballet. Imagine children regularly being hands on with building materials, robotics, engineering, and being exposed to modern learning techniques from Stanford and Harvard.. These children will be at an advantage for future success. This is not so different from a child learning and practicing baseball or ballet. In fact, developing our youth’s Innovative Thinking is complementary to their recreational and academic activities.

Children bring in diverse experiences from their personal background. These experiences along with their abilities to think and act innovatively is what ultimately will keep the wheels of progress moving forward, and thus positively shaping their world.

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