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F.A.Q. about the T1 Youth Robotics Team and the Wonder League Robotics Competition

Why learn Youth Robotics?

Through robotics children will learn many skills needed to become successful candidates for not only technology jobs but for any job requiring creativity. Many of these skills are cross-transferrable into many other disciplines such as sports, music, performing arts, academics, engineering, etc...

  • Technical - Computational thinking, coding, electronics

  • Problem Solving - Critical thinking, creativity

  • Communication - Video and live presentations, journaling

  • Empathy - Learn about issues facing the world around them.

  • Social - Collaborate and build meaningful relationships with their peers.

  • Grit - Practice is the key to unlocking potential

Is there a lot of traveling?

No. All of the team meetings will take place at Take 1 Academy's Maker Space in San Leandro.

What is the theme of the Robotics Competition?

The theme is Deep-Sea Exploration!

Your deep-sea exploration research team has just been awarded a new grant from the Global Oceanography Foundation to explore previously uncharted depths of the ocean. From underwater ruins to undiscovered sea creatures, the seafloor is a perfect place to unlock the mysteries of the ocean. With the latest Wonder Workshop robotics technologies, your team can help explore and gather important information about the open waters. Who knows what you'll find!


What days of the week are available?

Once teams are formed, schedules will be created. We will ask parents the availability of their child and work with you on determining a schedule. Our regular meetings times will be Friday evenings and Saturday morning.

4:30pm to 6:00pm
5:30pm to 7:00pm

9:30am to 11:00am
10:30am to 12:00pm


When does the WRLC start?

Teams already formed will start next weekend Friday 10/26 or Saturday 10/27 for the next 8 weeks not including Holiday weekends. (No meetings: 11/23-24 & 12/28-29) The competition concludes the weekend of 1/10-11. If the team is selected to the invitational rounds, then it will be an additional 4 sessions beginning in March.

Teams formed afterwards will begin the following weekend with the opportunity of catching up based upon an agreed schedule with other members in their group. The schedule can be a combination of weekdays and weekends which will add up to 8 sessions. 


WRLC Main Season:
10/26 to 1/11, No meetings: 11/23-24 & 12/28-29

Invitational Round: (for teams selected by Wonder League) 3/1 to 3/29


Winners Announced: 4/29

How are the teams formed?

Teams are created as members sign up. Teams are formed throughout October to December. Since, the competition objective is to complete the 5 missions, teams do not need to start at the same time. Teams can be at different stages.


How many people per team?

There are between 3 to 5 members per team


How are the age groups split up?

Ages 7 - 8

Ages 9 -11

Ages 12 - 14

Do I have to be good at math?
This is a common misconception, the robotics program may actually inspire students to strengthen their weakness if it was math.

What league are the teams competing in?
The teams are competing in the Wonder League Robotics Competition (WRLC), which is running its 4th annual competition. There are teams from all over the world participating in the WLRC. Last year there were teams from 63 different countries.

What robots will they be using?
Ages 7 to 11 will be using Dash and Dot Robots.
Ages 12 to 14 will be using Cue Robots.

How do the teams compete?
The teams are judged by the 5 missions that they complete. Teams submit their entries online to the Wonder League. Submitted entries  consist of completed missions, video presentations, and journals. All missions must be submitted to the Wonder League by January 18, 2019 to be considered for the invitational round. Teams will be recognized when certain goals are achieved.

Do you do make up classes?
Yes, all members will have the opportunity to complete and submit their missions.

How many and how long are the meetings?
There are approximately 8 meetings not including the invitational round, if invited. Meetings will be between 1 to 2 hours depending on the difficulty of the Mission.


Can my child check it out first?

Yes, please come to one of our walk-in registration/information events or join the interest list. You can meet Coach Ed and the robots.

Interest List -

How do I sign my child up?

Registration -

Who is the coach?

Coach Ed Soriano co-founded Take 1 Academy and has been teaching and coaching children since 2013. He believes in inspiring children and giving them the tools to become successful in life. He also believes it is important for children to gain exposure to modern learning techniques and technology usually not found in most schools. Access is the key to authentic opportunities for youth success. Coach Ed loves technology as much as he loves sports. Prior to Take 1 Academy for 10 years, he worked in San Francisco as a Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, and a Technology Manager. He currently also works part-time for a social networking company as a technical writer creating educational material.

Education Credentials:
Teach Wonder Certification - Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Dash & Dot
Teach Wonder Certification - Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Cue
California Substitute Teaching Permit
National Alliance for Youth Sports
Positive Coaching Alliance


Technical Credentials:

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Certified Information Security Specialist

Cisco Certified Network Administrator

VMware Certified Engineer

San Francisco State University - BA in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship/Finance


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