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Our year round youth technology enrichment programs provides children with a fun and positive experience with robotics, engineering, electronics, coding and other STEAM related subjects. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

Children will learn technology fundamentals through individual and team projects. They will practice developing their Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking skills. Children will build their self confidence, work with others in an encouraging learning environment, and become inspired to reach higher!

Technology FUNdamentals Workshops
Technology FUNdamentals workshops will focus on exploring and learning the basics of technology. 
Each workshop will explore a different technology such as electronics, robotics, engineering, coding and more.
Grades: 2-6
Cost: $30.00 for 2hr workshop
When: Please check schedule for dates.
Where: 2986 Teagarden St, San Leandro
Innovation Playground - Elk Grove
Innovation Playground workshops in Elk Grove explores many types of technology in a station based setting and introduces design thinking.
Each station will have either robots, electronics, computers for coding, or making. 
Grades: K - 8
Cost: $60.00 for 2 day 2hr workshop
When: Sat & Sun, 9:00am to 11:00am
Please check schedule for dates.
Where: Innovgrove, Elk Grove
STEAM & Tykes

Join us and discover what it's like to learn, build, and play with technology. Children will interact with robots, learn basic coding, build, and have fun!


This is a weekly class for parent and child. 

For Ages: 3-5 (Pre-K)

Cost: $110 for 6, 45 min weekly classes

When: Please check schedule for dates.

Where: Castro Valley, San Leandro

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